A good life lived is a beautiful thing to capture. Often we obsess about youth and beauty, but after photographing many veterans and their families, I feel it is so important to celebrate ALL stages of life. A portrait of an elderly person should be dignified and happy. It should be a beautiful record. It should bit lit well and re-touched gently.

A beautiful portrait of your elder is, and will be, a lovely momento and keepsake for your family.

If your parent or grand-parent is in a Nursing Home, then please let the Nursing Home know and we can make sure we have a small private space to make the portrait and time it with the nursing home’s hairdresser, so they are looking their absolute best. Please do not worry if your family member has dementia or is incapacitated in some way. I have a background in health and experience with dementia in my family. It does not take long to make the portrait and will be a treasured keepsake.

If you would love a portrait of your older family members, then call Hilary 0418255416