Plastic: so beautifully simple, yet so destructive.

After a mid-winter flood in 2016 I crossed a bridge over the Queanbeyan River near Oaks Estate. The trees bare of leaves, were filled with plastic after the flood waters had subsided.

I made lots of images of the plastic bags caught in trees near the river. Plastic is so destructive to our environment. I made a series of images of single use plastic bags to make them manipulate the viewer into thinking they were a floral arrangement, something from nature….

They are not. As you can see from the documentary images below they destroy the natural habitat!

UPDATE: the recent behaviour by Coles over the plastic bag ban has been extremely short-sighted and stupid on their part. Lets hope all manufacturers and retailers ban the bag, and drastically reduce all the other plastic used in packaging… There has got to be a better way!


And this is a landscape of the river to show the extent of the damage.

I am creating a photobook and currently trying to source some poetry or a political statement that will fit for this work.

Work In Progress

The volume of plastic caught in the trees was overwhelming.