I am currently working on three projects exploring different topics.

#WelcomeNotWelcome explores contradiction and irony in today’s world with the rise of the extreme right and protectionism in politics and fear in every day life.

A Different Kind of Death is an ongoing body of work stemming from my interest in death as represented by photography.

Plastic is a body of work in response to single use plastic and the havoc it causes on our environment.

Dementia. As part of a family that has been greatly affected by caring for a family member who has dementia I am currently working on two bodies of work, exploring this disease.

Selfie with Dad April 22 2017

Firstly, from a personal perspective of my relationship with my father.


Secondly, in conjunction with Alzheimers Australia a project of portraits of people who have dementia and their carers. This is to be an exhibition and possibly a book.