Vintage Portraits {Canberra Photographer}

I had the very lovely pleasure to meet Keith and his wife Andrea. Keith, photographed here is 95 years old and yet he seems much younger!

I am looking for more people who have lived long lives to make portraits.

In a society focussed on youth I feel we often forget our elders.

I have a passion for making portraits of older citizens as seen here in the WWII volunteer project I took part in and photographed over 50 women and men who served.

I have a great interest in exploring families living with Dementia also, in an aim to create a lasting lovely memory of the family together or just the person with Dementia.

If you have a parent, grandparent or know of an elder person who needs to be photographed, then please get in contact 0418255416.

The session fee is $250 and I come to you in your home. I provide a selection of print sizes from the session that you can purchase as a memento or memorial.