On Thin Ice {drug addiction and recovery canberra}


On Thin Ice is an arts-documentary collaboration between journalist and author Ginger Gorman,  myself, sculptor Tom Buckland, printmaker Jess Higgins and photographer Martin Ollman.


We worked closely and collaboratively with participants, the project tells the stories of local residents who are living with or recovering from addiction to crystal methamphetamine (ice) in a multi-disciplinary exhibition of images, text, sound and installation. The exhibition will debuted at Tuggeranong Arts Centre from 7 – 30 November 2019.

It’s really f****** hard, but it can get better.” – Ann, 38

I’m making the choice to make a change. And I’ve never done that before.” – Mitchell, 29

The dark tunnel that I was in for so long, I’m starting to see the light at the end of it.” – Nicole, 35

The exhibition goes beyond headlines and stereotypes, beyond snap judgments and prejudices, beyond “meth crisis” and “ice epidemic,” empowering individuals to tell their own stories – stories of pain, of trauma, of loss and isolation, but also, stories of hope and of healing. Stories of addiction. And stories of recovery.



The Exhibition Tour

TAC is looking for partners across Australia to bring the On Thin Ice exhibition to their communities and add local stories to the collection. The exhibition tour package has a range of options to suit your program.

Get in touch today and let’s chat about having On Thin Ice is your hometown. For more information, please email Aidan.Delaney@tuggeranongarts.comNicole