Memory Portraits {Canberra Dementia Portraits}

A diagnosis of Dementia can be a shock, though when my father was diagnosed it was good to know that his behaviour had a name!

Every day was different. Some good days and some not.

I have created some beautiful portraits of families living with Dementia and I want to do more. It is so important to normalise life for someone who lives with Dementia but also for their partner and family.

Having lived experience I realise it is not a time you would automatically think of getting a portrait done. However, it is an activity in one day to plan and look forward to. A reason to get dressed up, have your hair done or a shave!

I will come to you at your home and create a moment that is calm enjoyable and does not cause any anxiousness. I would like to know a bit about the person living withe the disease prior to me arriving and how you manage to engage him or her.

If your family member is living in an aged care facility, we will need to inform the facility. I would recommend that we plan the visit for the day of or day after the hairdresser, if needed. I will attend and photograph unobtrusively, not overwhelm the person or other residents and staff; or we can use the garden or their room, depending how the person’s ability. I also realise that mood and temperament can fluctuate and that will always be taken into consideration.

The session fee is $250 and includes a beautiful printed and matted 5×7″ portrait. For each portrait commissioned I will donate $25 to Dementia Australia, in your name and provide you with the receipt.

This keepsake will hopefully create a happy memory and that the experience will be enjoyable for all.

Thank-you to Sally, Rachelle, Michelle and their Dad, dear husband and father, Gary. (Vale)

Hilary is an amazing photographer with an empathy for people living with Dementia and their loved ones.
Our family were delighted with the portraits created, which really capture Gary’s true personality.
They are a beautiful family moment in time for which we will be forever grateful.
A mere “Thank you” hardly seems adequate!
Sally Pertzel and Family

Please email or call me 0418255416 to book in your session.
COVID19 all necessary precautions will be taken when making the portraits