In Memory Of Blair {Heartfelt Photographer}


Grief is something like the individual it inhabits; it is unique and very personal.

These images of Ellena, Adam and Blair who was stillborn are shared with the love and blessing of this beautiful family.

According to the Stillbirth Foundation 6 babies a day in Australia are stillborn.

I am one of many volunteer Heartfelt photographers around Australia and New Zealand. We provide the gift of photography to families suffering stillbirth and terminally ill children. All services are provided free of charge.

When I took the call to photograph Blair and her parents after her stillbirth I was surprised to hear that Ellena and Adam wished to have me photograph them at home. When I arrived I realised why as they were dressed beautifully and Ellena had done her hair and makeup. How could a couple experiencing so much grief look so together and so gorgeous? But, it is since getting to know her a little that I could se that this was important and she needed to do it her way. We created some beautiful family portraits. Elle knew exactly what she wanted and one image was of her and her daughter sitting on her bed, similar to an image she had seen of Elizabeth Taylor holding her child.

As a professional photographer with a background in health and as someone with who almost 10 years of experience with Heartfelt I just knew I needed to follow her needs at this time.

I also attended Blair’s funeral and absolutely loved the words Ellena’s Dad said about his daughter, that she grieves her own beautiful way.

Elle is a journalist and wrote some beautiful heartbreaking words in a piece in Her Canberra. 

I have met Ellena several times since that day. She and her friends have raised much needed funds for Heartfelt and the Stillbirth Foundation, something which is gratefully received. I have watched her posting on Instagram about her grief and about her beautiful daughter, Blair. As she says in her writing, please say their name, talk about stillbirth.

The reason for this post is that she is also passionate about sharing her stillbirth story, words of hope and speaking about her IVF journey and has started an Instagram account called @mummyhealing

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