Head shots for your business {Canberra business photography}

One of the nicest jobs I get to do on a very regular basis is business profile portraits….. Head shots. People need head shots for their websites, business literature, job submissions and , LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter profiles. I have decided to add some recent profiles to my blog here as I love the fact that I have met amazing people from all over Canberra region who are achieving great things in their sphere.

Why do I love doing head shots?
1: it is a chance to meet and speak to amazing people in buisness and to hear their stories.
2: it is a chance to learn and make contacts with other like-minded individuals
3: it is a chance to start a relationship that could be mutually beneficial
4: as a work from home business it is a chance to talk to another human being!
5: it is work I can do in my studio.

I have decided to start doing a regular update for my head shot clients as a way of sharing the contacts I make with you the reader. You just never know, you may just need to use one of their services in the future.

Hilary Wardhaugh CorporateCANBERRA PHOTOGRAPHERHilary Wardhaugh Corporate

If you’d like a head shot for your business and a nice chat with me, call me 0418255416