Black Lives Matter {Canberra}

“There cannot be 432 victims and no perpetrators…”

This is the headline from The Saturday Paper today and a powerful read by journalist Amy McQuire.

This is also why Australian’s are voicing their concerns by marching. Here in Canberra there were thousands of people marching yesterday (although the numbers were understated!) It is the biggest march I have been to, and I am glad to have documented it.

I have edited the images, and put them into a dropbox for any of the organisers to use. If you do use them please tag me on Instagram @hilarywardhaugh or twitter @hil_clix_pix

There is a couple of mobile phone videos in there too.

I also have the high resolution files for any of the people in these images who would like to be able to print their image, just contact me for the link

Aunty Matilda House

Roseanne Coe

*apologies for any misquoting/spelling