Yes!Fest #Canberra {Canberra Photographer}

Jacob White, one of the organisers at Yes! Fest Canberra, now in its third year, which celebrates LGBTIQ+ love and equality at an equality street festival!

Here are a few portraits and observations from this afternoon/evening.

Such a great initiative and a wonderful event, thanks so much to the team that includes: Paul Eldon, Victoria Firth-Smith, Jacob White, Danny Corvini, Yen Tso.

The festival started 3 years ago in an very impromptu party and  “Lonsdale Street was hastily closed off to accommodate the nearly 6000 Canberrans who celebrated with dancing, performing and crying in what the city’s daily newspaper dubbed “the first spontaneous thing to ever happen in Canberra!”


I wished I had been to the first impromptu party in 2017, but last night was wonderful. I met and talked to so many people. I was greeted with love, smiles and acceptance. I felt safe. The evening had a lovely happy feel. When I asked some of the wonderfully dressed individuals if I can make a portrait of them, I had nothing but excitement and pleasure!

So thank YOU YES! Fest Canberra


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