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Every now and again you meet a person in business that you know that having a relationship with them will be a great thing! I met Byron Little quite a few years ago when he was managing communications for a large multi-national accounting firm in Canberra. He is a quiet achiever. When he told me he was setting up his own design business I knew he would do well. I LOVE his design aesthetic! It is simple and gorgeous and he is very much switched on to what is hip, cool and happening…. goodness I sound so uncool are they there right words to use for what it on trend??

Probably not! hahaha!

Anyway, his design business which is but he has also has just opened a wonderful co-working space in O’Connor called The Studio. When we are collaborating I will work at The Studio finishing off the photography processing for his clients. I love the company, the space, the people, the contacts, the vibe of being in a creative space with other human beings!! So much better than always working from home. and I got cake when it was my birthday!!

birthday cake for me at The Studio, O'Connor
birthday cake for me at The Studio, O’Connor

Check out what he is doing here and wow, this photographs he has on his site are gorgeous… I wonder who took them??? hehe! ‘Tis moi!

Anyway, Byron is expanding… as there is a space opening in Sydney soon and I am sure that it won’t be long before he conquers the world!

Here are a few images I prepared earlier….. of The Studio.

Hey Byron! Love your work!

Hilary Wardhaugh Corporate

Hilary Wardhaugh Corporate

Hilary Wardhaugh Corporate

Hilary Wardhaugh Corporate

Hilary Wardhaugh Corporate


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