What goes on the internet, stays on the Internet {Canberra photographer}

I love a look through history. I managed to locate a database of all my old websites, so for prosperity, here they are…. If I photographed you at some stage over the last few years then you may have appeared in a blog post! Have a look!


Click HERE for the previous BLOG
Click HERE for even older blog….

Here is an archive of all my earlier websites for your perusal, since 2000. Some of them still work, some not… it is very interesting that no matter what “What you put on the internet stays on the the internet” if you look in the right places!

I got my first website about 13-14 years ago. Here is a screen snap of the home page….Check out all my hair!!2000 HWP website

This next one is about 2004. It has music, so turn the volume down if you’re at work!! Interestingly this version still seems to work on current technology… (well it does on my computer)

Click the link —> HWP-2004

Here is a screen snap of the 2008 version…

HWP-website 2008

Here is 2011 version HWP-website 2011

The most recent website prior to this I loathed, so I am not going to share it! (sorry!)

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