The Standard you walk past….

In June last year I was driving over Oaks Estate bridge after heavy rain and was astounded by the amount of plastic bags in the trees, left there after the waters receded.

I photographed it and it can be seen in my personal work post called Plastic (for want of a better word) I am making a photobook with images of single use plastic bags before use and after discarded. The ocean has become a sea of plastic, which horrifies me. It breaks my heart that sea life are ingesting or getting tangled in it and dying in our waste. It is thoughtless and overwhelming!

Recently, I saw the CEO of Take Three For The Sea on the ABC TV and thought what a great idea. Every morning I walk my dog along a stretch of the #Queanbeyan River. I have been doing this for 8 years. So, this year I started using my dog’s poo bag to put all the plastic and other rubbish I collect in it and take it home. It is a daily occurrence. After the weekends when people have been fishing it can be very disheartening to see how much rubbish people leave lying around!!

I blame the people who fish, mostly as much of the waste is fishing line, empty bait bags, empty fishing paraphernalia bags. However, other rubbish includes: Empty tins and bottles of beer, empty fast food containers, plastic bags and loads of cigarette butts….

Now, this may be kids, but I hazard a guess it is grown ups too! Whatever, people should think! They should care about our home, our environment and the animals that live here, too.

It doesn’t take much to take rubbish home. It can be put an empty esky! Maybe camping manufacturers should make portable chairs with a removable rubbish container??

I have been photographing everything I collect. Take Three For The Sea ask people to Pick it Up, Snap it and Bin it! and tag your social media posts with #Takethreeforthesea  So do it!

..the standard you walk past is the standard you accept..

Maybe as a town we can start a program at a school level to help clean our river and its banks up?? What do you reckon Queanbeyan Council? I am happy to help!

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