The ONE Project Update {Canberra portrait photographer}

As with any event management it is good to have a check list so that nothing is forgotten, no-one is left out, all the t’s are crossed and the i’s are dotted…..

I’m not an event manager, but I do like organising things, hence The ONE Project.

I have managed to find some amazing support for this project from local, national and international industry professionals, listed here below.

Why is it that I miss to credit one of the supporters on the invitation? Especially as they worked very hard for me/us in their own time. I am embarrassed that I failed in this respect. My apologies and heartfelt thanks must go to Dr Rowan Conroy at the ANU IRF!

ANYWAY, hoping to make amends; I can VERY highly recommend the ANU Inkjet Research Facility for scanning and printing our work for the exhibition. The acting head of Photomedia is Dr Rowan Conroy and he worked tirelessly to scan all the photographers negatives at the and of school term and print the files before the start of the new term this year in January. I am mortified I didn’t credit the ANU IRF

To find out more please check out their website:

Photograph and Media Arts, first floor, ANU School of Art
Email Contact:
Phone: +61 2 6125 1099 Twitter Facebook Instagram


Our other supporters for the project are Nikon Australia Pty Ltd

I would like to thanks Julie Kimpton, Professional Markets Manager, for her help and for Nikon Australia’s very generous support of this project! This support came as a surprise but was and is very welcome!

Their website is:



Another supporter is ILFORD through C.R. Kennedy & Company Pty Ltd. Thanks to John Wallace and the team for their support of the beautiful Ilford Gold Fibre Silk Barita paper and ink for the ANU IRF to print the project. The prints are fabulous!!

Their website is :

Screen Shot 2016-02-14 at 11.26.48 pm


Thanks must also go to DES and their support with ink. Thanks to Ian Overs and team for their support and help to the ANU IRF

Their website is here:



Thanks to Photoaccess for their help, guidance and advice, especially Janice Falsone and Claire Capel-Stanley.

I really really hope I haven’t missed anyone here!!

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