The ONE Project {Canberra Photographer}

How scary is it just to have only ONE chance to do anything?

One chance to get it right, and then show it publicly.

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The ONE Project

In the 19th century and at the beginnings of photography the everyday person often only had one chance in their lives to be able to afford a professional photographic portrait.

Sometimes these were done posthumously.

Technology as it was then required the sitter to pose for several minutes, not a problem if you had passed on!

Today available technology is in our pockets. We take trillions of photographs. Some considered, others not. Much of the time it is just digital noise.

How many photos do we take every day? I have read that there is an average of three photos taken every day by most people. I know that average of three a day is well exceeded by myself, if I’m thinking phone photography.

According to research done online and also by Instagram and most popular photograph taken on their app is a selfie


was the word of the year in 2014 according to the Macquarie dictionary. Why do we take so many selfies? It is seemingly narcissistic behaviour, and I am guilty of it, too. In this ever increasing world of social media, will it do us any good? I certainly worry about my 11 year old as he gets old enough.

Maybe it is popular because it is a portrait. I love portraits. I love looking at people. I love photographing the landscape with people in it. Anything touched by humanity has a curiosity factor to me, but to all of us.

So if you only had ONE chance to take a portrait of either yourself or someone else; who would you photograph? How would you light it? What pose would you get the sitter to do? Would you think about it more? Would you worry about the minute details of the portrait or would you just shoot it off the cuff?

I asked about 30 photographers in Canberra to be a part of The ONE Project. 28 photographers took part.

ONE camera
ONE frame each to create
ONE portrait

The result is to be exhibited at Photoaccess in Manuka, opening on Thursday 25th February 2016.

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