The Loud and Luminous Exhibition {women photographers}

The Loud and Luminous Book was launched by Kevin Cooper from our major sponsor Fujifilm Australia on the 2nd March 2018 at the Exhibition Opening at Brunswick Street gallery, Fitzroy, Victoria.



Fifty-six inspiring Australian women photographers have come together for the Loud and Luminous project to celebrate, empower, connect, and to dream. When women come together with purpose, they change the world. To the amazing women that entrusted their stories, images and dreams to this project; we thank you. We celebrate you, and all the goodwill you bring to this world, for current and future generations. Thank you to all our supporters, encouragers and the people that helped make this project happen.

If the general public were asked to list influential and iconic Australian photographers from the last 100 years, the list would include very few female photographers. Overwhelmingly men have written history, men have made art, galleries have collected art made by men, and until recently photographers were mostly male. The digital revolution has enabled many more people to create imagery. More women now graduate from vocational courses and art school than their male counterparts, and yet are still less likely to be represented.

Loud and Luminous recognises and celebrates the extensive cultural contribution of contemporary women photographers in Australia, culminating with an exhibition and symposium on International Women’s Day 2018. We believe it is essential for women to contribute and tell their stories to shape our future. The project’s intent is simple; to inspire and empower all women to chase their dreams, make a better world and celebrate each other.

This collaboration features fifty-six women with the same photographic brief, which resulted in fifty-six unique interpretations. Photographers were required to reference a universal women’s icon in their photographic work. This could be done through including an icon, or referencing its shape and form through a visual statement. Each of the 56 submitted images are all very different and cover the many aspects of being a woman, as seen by women.

While this is an Australian initiative, we believe this project extends internationally in its message and appeal on gender equality and empowerment. This is an inclusive discussion that celebrates diversity, and promotes cultural change. As women we need to work together to change the future and to ensure all our stories are being told.

We want to encourage a positive and meaningful dialogue on equality and to start conversations that lead to policy change to ensure that women are represented and considered for all roles. Cultural change requires the support of all stakeholders across all genres, and it is collectively and individually our social responsibility.

This is a global issue and we need a collective voice to respond.

More information can be found on our website

Melissa Anderson and Hilary Wardhaugh

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