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Just a quick note to say thank-you to the thousands of people who have read my last two blog posts, I am truly grateful!

For some technical reason the comments section on the blog is being naughty, but I do appreciate the comments on Facebook when I shared the posts there.

This comment below was emailed to me from Roger and gets its own post here due the technical issues he encompassed when trying to post a comment, his tenacity in getting in contact with me, and also it is a wonderful read.

This is one man’s opinion of the James Turrell Nude Tour and if anyone else who went, would like to give their opinion, then try the comments section below… hopefully it’ll work… if not use the Facebook link and comment there..

Thanks again everyone and now over to Roger!

Hi Hilary,

My name is Roger. I enjoyed your blog post on the Turrell Nude event, which I attended on the Thursday April 2nd session. I felt your
experience resonated interestingly with my own, which I’d like to share here.

Though certainly no nudist, I definitely like the unencumbered feeling of getting nekked when the opportunity arises, such as skinny dipping, etc. This event seemed an amazing opportunity and I would have kicked myself if I’d failed to partake in it, especially because, like you, I’d already seen the exhibition. Because I found Turrell’s work to be very non-linear, non-linguistic and basically sensory I thought and hoped this nude interacting with it might add something to the experience, especially in the immersive rooms.

I was surprised how much trepidation I was feeling right up to the start of the evening but in the event Stuart was very reassuring, and provided a calming balm to all. Recent surgery scars had left me feeling a bit anxious, but being surrounded by all manner of corporeal unconformities whose owners were entirely at ease I immediately lost all self consciousness.

I should state here I’m 57, tall and skinny so no Adonis, but I’m OK with that. I attended alone, and as a male was concerned not to be seen as a perv, and so kept my eyes rigorously above the equator. On reflection I regret this, due to the general relaxed communal spirit that prevailed and the fact that there were interesting and appealing bodies wandering around of all ages and genders. So it goes.

I agree with you that physiological responses mean we can experience art that moves us with our bodies as well as our intellect. On my first attendance, with someone I’m close to, I had this feeling most strongly in the very darkest of the Turrell rooms (you know the one) in which reddish outlines eventually emerge from the murky gloom. It was strangely relaxing and somehow de-centering, in a peaceful way. I wanted to buy this room! But on the nude night there were far more people roaming around and they sort of became the show, in their whirling, eddying tides of pinkness.

I was a bit surprised that the Ganzfeld enclosure didn’t expand my experience while unclothed and presumably even more porous to its magic… I wonder how you experienced that the second time?

What was different was that the nudity changed my position vis a vis the exhibition. Whereas before I was a member of the world entering the show’s space and thus free to interact with it as I pleased, now I’d become a member of a tribe, hermetically sealed off from the rest of the universe, and thus bound and constrained by the parameters of this new interaction. Paradoxically I felt more limited by this consciousness of previously unfelt boundaries, even though it was still hugely enjoyable.

Thanks again for going to the trouble of putting a lot of effort and
reflection into your celebration of a remarkable event, both of which I
greatly enjoyed.

I think there’s something about its liberating – and even slightly transgressive – qualities in these socially regressive times that inspires people to share their reactions to it just that little bit more.




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