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Just over a year ago, I started dancing Argentine Tango lessons on a Wednesday night. I have always wanted to dance properly and when my close friend Jennifer suggested I join I had little knowledge as to what it was all about. In my mind tango was like you saw on Strictly Ballroom, very dramatic and I wanted nothing of it…. But, I ended up starting classes in Maunka with Tengo Tango and I haven’t looked back.
What do I love about it? So many things, ranging from the most fundamental; touch, to the happy social aspect of meeting other like minded people.

Dancing means you have to move your body. My body loves to move, it is good for it and to move it in close proximity to another human being is a wonderful thing, when it works. It is great for your brain, too. My Dad has Parkinson’s and he has been told not only to dance but to try Tango

I like to be good at things and sometimes being a novice really frustrates me. I want to just be able to do it and at times I struggle.

I struggle because I am thinking about the steps, where my feet, hands and head are meant to be. When you dance with someone who knows what they are doing it truly feels devine. Everyone dances quite differently, everyone has their style, some leaders adapt easily to my ability, others less so. Some times it is wildly frustrating!

In my day to day life I often get in trouble for thinking too much and with dancing if I switch off my brain and just feel it, let go and the stars align, I can dance!

Tango to me is like an intimate wordless conversation.

I started tango not really knowing much of the culture of the dance. There is an etiquette, an understanding that from the casual observer is unseen. I am coming to grips with the different levels in which tango exists but sometimes I still find the experience quite humbling and emotional.

I want to dance a lot. I want to be good at it, so when I do, it feels completely natural and not forced.

I love the classes that Serkan and Christian run and I have learnt so much. I have also loved dancing with Erika at Practica on a Saturday or Wednesday and she runs classes on the north side HERE

I love that Canberra has a lovely community of tango lovers and I believe that with anything practice makes perfect….The club have tango practice on A Monday at the Uni Pub and saturdays in Manuka next to the Italian Club on the corner of National Circuit. There are social dances, called Milonga’s at various locations around Canberra, too.

Here are some images of one tango couple at Practica the other day. Many thanks to dancers Andrew and Theresa for letting me photograph them dancing.CANBERRA PHOTOGRAPHERCANBERRA PHOTOGRAPHER




Every now and again, some amazingly talented dancers come to Canberra because of our active tango community to put on workshops. I have a couple of iPhone videos here that showcases their talents


and Here

If you have ever considered dancing I can highly recommend Argentine Tango

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