Scotland and England {Canberra Photographer}

In two days time Scotland will vote in the Independence Referendum. I am an English born Australian native so my opinion as to what I feel Scotland should do is probably not worth anything, but I cannot imaging it being a completely separate country. I just wish whatever happens, it is for the best of the country and the majority its people.DSCF2806

I was born in England, near London. All my family are from near Newcastle-Upon-Tyne. People from this part of England are called Geordies. That is what my family are; Geordies.

Just over the border is a wonderful part of the world. I have lived in Scotland many years ago. I met a Scot here in Australia and moved to Aberdeen to live with him…. It was a disaster! However, i did grow to love the country itself very much.

I went back to Scotland for Xmas last year. I arrived on Christmas Day, just in time for lunch! I only had about 10 days, but it was a most wonderful time. I stayed with a very dear friend of mine, Robin, on the west coast and he and I drove from Kilmarnock and up to a tiny village called Kilmartin, via Loch Lomond. We had a drive to Oban also, and although it was cold a wet, it was truly picturesque and Scottish!

I had some time in and around Glasgow and Kilmarnock just relaxing and then off to the east coast and to the St Andrews area. I had a lovely couple of days drinking bubbles and talking with a girlfriend I used to work with in Sydney in the very late 1980’s early 90’s.

Hogmanay was spent with Robin and the weather was amazing!The fireworks over Edinburgh Castle was sooo gorgeous and so close overhead!DSCF2752











I travelled to London on the 2nd January and met up with a girlfriend and we had a lovely drive around southwest England; Oxford, Bath and London. Managed not to annoy my travelling companion too much with wanting to take lots of photos…. I think anyway!! hahaha!DSCF2838








All in all, it was a lovely part of my #TheBig50 holiday…. and of course I finished it in Iceland… See my Iceland post HERE

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