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By Henry, my 10 year old
By Henry, my 10 year old


PHOTOWALK-Canberra is a chance for any person no matter what age or ability to get together and have a lovely walk, get some fresh air and meet other photographically minded people. It is meant to be all inclusive whether you own a DSLR, a compact or just a phone-cam.

It is a quarterly event, one PHOTOWALK-Canberra per season and completely FREE to attend!

IT IS NOT A COMPETITION. It is just a way to meet other interesting people to learn a little bit and create
I hope that all walks will be accessible for all ages and abilities.

Ownership of the images will be retained by you and I urge you to share this site with family and friends.

It is often the case that no two photographer’s eye is exactly the same so even though we will be walking the same streets and paths I know we will have a great selection of images that will vary greatly.

This is also a way to show our bit of the world, seen by our eyes. HERE IS OUR MEMBER’S GALLERY ON FLICKR

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Photographer Canberra Hilary Wardhaugh

Photographer Canberra Hilary Wardhaugh

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