PHOTOWALK Canberra 15th March! {Canberra Photographers}

PHOTOWALK-Canberra is a chance for any person no matter what age or ability to get together and have a lovely walk, get some fresh air and meet other photographically minded people. It is meant to be all inclusive whether you own a DSLR, a compact or just a phone-cam.

PHOTOWALK-Canberra is completely FREE to attend!

IT IS NOT A COMPETITION. It is just a way to meet other interesting people to learn a little bit and create
I hope that all walks will be accessible for all ages and abilities.

Ownership of the images will be retained by you but I encourage everyone to join and share their creations in our Flickr Group

This PHOTOWALK Canberra will be at the Australian National Botanic Gardens from 2.30pm. We will have a Macro theme for this event.

For up-to-date information, especially if the weather is wet please follow PHOTOWALK Canberra on Twitter

You can REGISTER HERE for the SUNDAY the 15th March.

Hope to see lots of happy faces creating beautiful photographs!

Hilary Wardhaugh

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