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Over the last 12 months I have mentored 5 emerging professional photographers as my mentoring role within the Australian Institute of Professional Photography AIPP, three of which have completed the intensive course. These three young women have been so lovely to get to know and for me to see grow! The other day after we did a ‘mock’ portrait session as part of the last session Tracey gave me this….. I was very touched!




They are:

Lib from Lib Creative Lib is a designer and now photographer and manages to juggle all that and a family. She is very talented and will go far combining her talents here in Queanbeyan and Canberra

Gabriel from Gabe Foster Photographer lives on the south coast and has travelled once a month to my studio in Queanbeyan to attend the sessions and her talents are surprising! Gabe specialises in landscape an Car photography as well as some portraiture and weddings on the coast.

Tracey Murray from soon to be Tracey Murray Photography has an eye for portraiture and will have her website live next year. She has a very keen interest in family photography in canberra region and will be dearly sought in that role!


Every month we met and discussed how and where they are going and what they are doing to achieve their goals. It has been a wonderful process and I feel quite proud of their achievements to date and know they will do very well in their endeavours.

I help by giving practical examples and educate them on the REAL costs involved in running a photography business in today’s world. It is a tough gig these days when there are many many photographers running ‘businesses’ and not charging their worth and valuing what they do. I have managed to stay in business for 15 years and started mine along time before the internet was as it is today and before digital photography and cameras was mainstream so I know how things have changing and what to do to evolve and stay current.


I’m sure these lovely women do well with their photography and I also hope I am asked to mentor more inspiring photographers next year!

Thanks girls! Luv your work! xoxo


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