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pay peanuts


Recently, I have seen the industry I know and love and have been a very active part of change enormously. Everyone is a photographer these days, however, very few could consider themselves a specialist.

I have run my business for 15 years.

It is my FULL TIME occupation.
It is my CAREER.

I am a SPECIALIST portrait photographer. I am an EXPERT in my field.

I see my family photography, not as a commodity, but as a historical record. Something for families to keep to show their children and grandchildren. It is a record that we existed. It can still be fashionable and trendy, happy, poignant and emotional.

Yes! I produce a product, in fact quite a few products, but photographing your family events is more than prints and files. It is something I love, something I do well, I am trained in lighting and posing and I can deal with most situations calmly and happily.

If you want to spend $50-$100 using a Backyarder, Facebook photographer, or part-time photographer doing daily coupons deals or hobbyists with a website touting themselves as professionals because they have a good camera, then please do not bother me.

If you want an experience that you will remember happily, know that your family and children are captured beautifully and skilfully as they are and you love beautiful prints or books for your family home and for keeping, then please call me.

Yes! A print will cost you $110 but so does having your haircut! A print won’t need to be re-done in 6 weeks.

Yes! A beautifully printed book will cost you $800-$1500 but so can going to the dentist to get a great smile. A book will last a lifetime.

Yes! A wedding photography coverage may cost you $4000-$5000 but you will get prints or an album for that, you will have someone who knows how to photograph a wedding and won’t miss vital parts of the day due to inexperience. You could buy a second hand car for $5K and see how far that gets you!!

If you pay peanuts you get monkeys!

If you value your family and having them photographed beautifully and for prosperity, use a specialist in their field, call me!

Hilary xoxo

0418255416 or Or check out my PORTRAIT AND WEDDING GALLERIES



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