Passion for Dance {Argentine Tango Canberra}

A couple of years ago I decided to learn to dance. I started Argentine Tango classes on a Wednesday night with Tengo Tango

I would love to be able to dance several times a week, if it were not for work and mother duties! I LOVE it and could become quite obsessed!

Once a week I would go along to learn how to move in sync with another human being. This at times has been one of the most frustrating things I have ever done in my life, BUT when it worked one of the most wondrous!

Learning anything can frustrate, and I like to be good at stuff, believe me!

There have been many nights I would be in tears in the car on the way home, so frustrated at my mistakes. With anything it just takes practise and so when ever I can I try to get to ‘practicas’ outside of the lessons. I have had a few private lessons with visiting experts and locals which has helped me enormously.

There are great teachers in Canberra. I have used Tengo Tango and here they are Serkan and Christian doing a demonstration at the end of term dance.

Here are Mario Consigliere & Anabella Díaz-Hojman when they came to Canberra a couple of years ago.

The experience I get when I dance well and when I dance with a partner whom I fit is divine! I can happily say I have experienced a few dances now where I wasn’t thinking about anything, I was feeling! OMG, a truly wonderful thing! Dancing in close embrace fulfils many things, fundamentally the need to be touched, but so much more.

Recently I photographed teacher Erika Mordek and Chris Watkins dancing at Erika’s home based tango studio, Talltango. I love the intimacy in these portraits of the two of them and to me it completely illustrates how I feel about this dance.

Talladancers Tango Erika Mordek and Chris Watkins
Tallatango Tango Erika Mordek and Chris Watkins
Talladancers Tango Erika Mordek and Chris Watkins
Tallatango Tango Erika Mordek and Chris Watkins

I am still learning and have much to learn. I recently got a friend (thx Christine!) to video me dancing with one of my regular dance partners, and I look at myself and wince when I see my feet apart and my bottom sticking out, but other than that I reckon I have improved enormously over the last few months (thanks Paul!)

There are many in our community who travel to Buenos Aires every year to immerse themselves in tango, and I’m insanely envious and one day would love to go for a few months just to do that.

If you want to learn more there are many places in Canberra where you can.




Tango Club of Canberra

Here are a couple of favourite videos of mine.

Soha – Mil Pasos with Maria Filali & Ozgür Karahan

Easy Virtue – Colin Firth & Jessica Biel Tango Scene

Pablo Veron & Geraldine Rojas

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