My website guru – {Canberra photographer}

During this last year I have struggled with my choices in web design templates for my business as I felt I needed to illustrate the two sides of  my portraiture separately on the web: corporate portraiture and family and wedding portraiture.

Anyway, I have just simplified my sites into one, and now instead of not ranking a mention anywhere on Google  for Canberra Photographer, yesterday I ranked 8th, organically!! It is thanks to the help of Dylan Cooper from Conceptis who helped me with my WordPress based site and the back end programming on it.

I can highly recommend Dylan if you are doing your own websites and need hosting as he can do it all. He is always a calming influence whenever i was freaking out and nothing seems to phase him. He has hosted all my websites for many years! is his website and you can connect with him in LinkedIn.

Thanks Dylan, you’re a star!!

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