Little rant about a movie

Last night my son and I watched a movie that had Adam Sandler in it called The Cobbler.

It sounded like it would be a good film and lists the actors as Dustin Hoffman, Ellen Barkin and Steve Buscemi.

The basic narrative of the film was that if you walk in another person’s shoes you get to experience their life. The cobbler (Sandler) had a magical stitching machine that after fixing a customer’s shoes he could put those shoes on himself and he would turn into that person.

I thought the movie had great potential, for a Sandler film, until one point.

Sandler’s character wanted to experience the life of a Porsche driving rich white man so to do this he put on the shoes of the supposed antagonist in the film, who was black. As soon as Sandler’s character was in the black man’s shoes he robbed the rich white man of his shoes and stole his Porsche.

In the light of what has just happened in Charleston it’s no wonder that America is fucked, when Hollywood propagates this form of stereotype on a daily basis in the mainstream as if it is completely normal. Jon Stewart an American TV host had his say, here.

I normally wouldn’t watch any of Adam Sandler movies, his humour doesn’t appeal, but I did because of the ‘quality’ of the other actors in it, I presumed it would be watchable. It wasn’t. Do Barkin, Hoffman and Buscemi condone this message, too?

My son and I discussed the movie and its message. I want him to grow up into a world where everyone is included where there is no racism because of the colour of your skin, your culture your beliefs or the way you look.

As a mum I worry what is in the future and will it ever change.

And I cannot believe that I’m writing this in 2015!

Hilary xoxo

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