Laughs and Love {Canberra Wedding Photographer}

I started my photography career and business with wedding photography, way back in 1997. It was all shot in film in those days, but I loved the challenge and I notched up 100’s of weekends photographing love and laughter…and manage to win Canberra Professional Photographer of The Year twice and Canberra Wedding Photographer of the Year 5 times with my wedding photography… ok! that was a bit of a brag, oops sorry its not all about me! #SillyHilly!

These days I may not do as many weddings, as my focus is mainly politicians, lawyers and accountants but when I do photograph a wedding I love it so much!

This wedding between Colin and Michelle was an intimate affair. Second time around and so much love. Tears were shed, which always touches me to the core. Surprises were had, which made us all laugh!

Thanks to the two of you for choosing me as your wedding photographer. I loved being a part of it and its people like the two of you who give me hope!

H xoxo



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