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Dr Rowan Conroy by Denise Ferris; inkjet from colour negative

The ONE Project images have been printed and next week get mounted for the exhibition opening on the 25th February at Photoaccess in Manuka, Canberra.

The lovely thing about the body of work is its variety, but strangely enough some portraits though taken weeks or months apart, by different photographers who do not necessarily know each other, a quite similar. Why this would be, who knows?

These images are part of the exhibition, and although I was hoping not to have any images seen prior to the show, I chose these two for the invitations that are being printed now.

If you want to know more about the show I have posted a few blog posts here over the last few weeks.

The show opens at 6pm Thursday 25th February and the artists’ talk will be Sunday the 6th march at 2pm at Photoaccess. I hope that a few of the contributing artists will attend to discuss their process and thoughts.


The ONE Project
28 photographers | 1 roll of film

New exhibition opening Thursday 25th February 2016, 6pm
continuing until Sunday 20th March 2016

Exhibiting artists
Tim Anger | Samantha Birch | Madeline Bishop | Jeremy Byrnes | Geoff Comfort | Rowan Conroy | Grace Costa | Sean Davey | Geoffrey Dunn | Denise Ferris | Lee Grant | William Hall | Lindi Heap | Leonie Keogh | Katie Kolenberg | Cathy Laudenbach | David McLenaghan | Mark Mohell | Jennifer Nagy | Dan O’Day | Candice Ottaway | David Paterson | Jocelyn Rosen | George Serras | Julian Stevenson | Rohan Thompson | Kelly Tunney | Hilary Wardhaugh

Opening on Thursday 25th February, PhotoAccess is proud to present The ONE Project. Curated by award-winning portrait photographer Hilary Wardhaugh, this ambitious exhibition showcases 28 works by 28 photographers. The images were made using one camera and one roll of film, passed between each photographer since June 2015. The exhibition explores the nature of the photographic image in our digital age. Wardhaugh states:

The ONE Project is a comment that today with access to technology we make millions of images every day, which often renders the ‘image’ to digital noise. I wanted to create simplicity, by limiting myself to only making ONE image of a person, captured in-camera, with no photo manipulation, making the portrait considered, increasing its half-life and its emotional and social value.

The ONE Project is a timely and poetic antidote to the flood of images we see through a screen on a daily basis. As a commercial photographer, Wardhaugh noticed how much of her time was spent in front of the computer, sifting through and editing hundreds of images. Out of those hundreds of images, Wardhaugh realised that ‘often only one image is used, the hero image, with the rest rendered to digital noise, albeit kept on record and deemed necessary to keep’. In contrast, The ONE Project limits photographers to only one image so that no frame has been wasted.

The ONE Project focuses on the type of photography that offers the strongest proof of our existence: portraiture. The exhibition is inspired by photographic theorist Susan Sontag’s statement that ‘Photography furnishes evidence… A photograph passes for incontrovertible proof that a given thing happened’. The exhibition asks, if that is true, why we need more than one photographic portrait as proof of our existence. The stakes are high. With only one chance to make the portrait, both the process and the portrait become precious.

Bringing together an impressive list of Canberra photographers, The ONE Project exhibition includes works by National Photographic Portrait Prize Finalists Grace Costa, Sean Davey and Rohan Thompson; Bowness Prize winner Lee Grant and Olive Cotton Portrait Prize winner Cathy Laudenbach, among a host of award-winning photographic artists. The exhibition will display some of the best contemporary photographic work available today, stripped back to a single analogue camera, and a single roll of film.

For all media enquiries, contact:
Claire Capel-Stanley
Program Manager
T: 6295 7810

PhotoAccess Huw Davies Gallery
Manuka Arts Centre, Manuka Circle, Griffith ACT
Opening hours 10am-4pm Tue, Wed, Fri; 10-7pm Thu & 12pm-4pm Weekends

Katie, my Muse. By Jeremy Byrnes
Katie, my Muse. By Jeremy Byrnes; inkjet from colour negative

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