I do I do I do I do {Trundle ABBA Festival}

According to the Trundle ABBA Festival website “The Trundle ABBA Festival was founded in 2012 by Gary and Ruth Crowley after visiting the Parkes Elvis Festival and thinking “how great would an ABBA Festival be?”. They couldn’t find one to go to and so thought …….. “Well, let’s put one on!” Now, Trundle has the only ABBA Festival in Australia.”

I attended this weekend with my sister and took my camera along too. (Canon EOS3 with 3 rolls of Kodak Portraits and Supra)… I just had to use film for an ABBA festival!!

It was a joyous occasion and we had so much fun!! Here below are highlights from 2 of the rolls of film and the third roll of spectacularly crazily dressed ABBA Fanatic portraits will be added shortly!

So Honey, Honey I hope you enjoy this post ‘cos I Did I Did I Did I Did!


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