I am a Human {Canberra Photographers}

I am a human.

I love to connect and share what I do, whether it be professionally or personally. I do love a bit of social media so I applied and was accepted to be a part the ACT Tourism’s and Visit Canberra’s #humanBrochure initiative I was thrilled.

101 humans

This is an amazingly clever and unique idea and uses the general population to promote the region via social media and then what is curated for the 101humans.com.au website.

As with any recommendation if it comes from a real person, not just an advertiser or someone with an agenda. These are real stories, believable and as with anything people are interested in what their fellow Canberrans are up to. Social media is like life in real time, humanity live streaming!

My role is in the Arts and Culture Group. There are a few groups: Family Fun and also Outdoors/Adventure

I reckon my role will sometimes touch on all three groups…

So if you’re a social media freak and want to see what is happening in Canberra Follow your fellow locals. You can find them on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest and connect using the hashtag #localscan or #humanBrochure You can even #FF each other

Come along for the ride, it’ll be fun!

Hilary xoxo

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