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When looking through all my From the Archives blog posts it has all been wedding photography up until now…. I learnt my craft on wedding photography and earned my AIPP Master Photographer status in 2003 with wedding photography.


But, these days I mostly do portraiture. I love portraiture because when I became a parent it resonated! Photographing kids requires all sorts of knowledge about child development so you know how to get the best out of children, especially when you have a camera pointed at them! Kids can react in so may different ways and its how as a photographer you manage that.


Any people photography can be hard especially as every day we deal with egos, perception and when kids are involved add tears, cheekiness and sometimes tantrums… The ability to go with the flow is the secret…


I got a Silver with Distinction for this and I love this image as it says so much about family, cousins, siblings and childhood!

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