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In 2008 I had an exhibition about Fathers and the relationships with their sons. It came after a separation and subsequent divorce and I wondered how having an absent father would impact on my son’s life. Of course my son’s father was not absent all of the time, but I became primary carer and the weight of that responsibility did make me wonder about boys growing up without their father in the family home.

Father: Brian and Son: Rick in 2008
Father: Brian and Son: Rick in 2008

I do feel my son is quite well adjusted and his desire to see his father is ever-growing with his age and development.I had expected that this will happen. After 10 years being a single mother, I am knackered, to tell you the truth! My ex-husband and I have a good relationship and I feel it is important for our son’s mental health.

I did want to photograph my son and his father, but at the time it was too raw.

Lastly, I have often wondered if my point of view, being a woman, sees men’s relationships differently here. I asked each family to write their own words and suggest to me places to make the portraits, so it would be interesting to see if it would have looked different if a man had done this project.

The exhibition was held at M16 Artspace, when it lived in Fyshwick. Some of the portraits and stories in the photobook are missing, sadly, but I feel happy that I have now finally got a permanent record of this project of mine, which at the time was a very positive and cathartic way to get over the divorce.

Below is a digital copy of the photobook.

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