Here’s to a happy 2015 {family portraits Canberra}

My first blog post for 2015 and in this crazy world we live in lets hope for some beauty, kindness and reason! Every time I switch on the TV and listen to the news it seems its either a World of Pain or a World of Stupid.

Anyway, glad you’re here dear reader and appreciate-r of photography!

I don’t work school holidays, if I can help it. I feel that my son is more important than during these times than me working. Every year on the first day of school I take a ‘selfie’ of Henry and I and I am amazed at how fast he is growing up. He is almost as tall as me and he’s only 10!

Here we are with Timmy a new addition to our little family. Jeremy, our labrador and Timmy are still getting acquainted but he’s such a softie, I’m sure it won’t be long.Canberra Family Photographer Hilary Wardhaugh

Canberra Family Photographer Hilary Wardhaugh

As a single mum I love the fact that my business is from home and I can be here for my son and two fur kids. I can tell you I am glad to be back in the office to do some work, but thankful that my business allows me to be with my little family!

I live in Queanbeyan and Henry went back to school this week, but to all you Canberra kidlets going back next week, have fun, hope there’s not too many tears!

If you’d like so have some portraits of all your human kids and fur kids, let me know by Tuesday COB as the first family who email me on will receive a portrait session and a USB of 5 files for $500, which less than half my normal price of $1120.

If you’d just like to book a session then you can here:

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