Addressing Equality

I have a folder on my G Drive that I hope women and anyone who feels they are doing great stuff in the photographic community can add to.

All the CV’s in the folder so far are the extent of my own knowledge, research and memory. So with adding a file request to this folder and if people share this post, any photographer within AUSTRALIA can add to it.

Please just add pdfs

I am hoping for:

People who dedicate their craft to helping less fortunate communities, by telling those stories and helping those communities to tell their stories

People who use their craft to campaign and document diverse lives and/or injustices

People who have excelled in business and employ a diverse staff

People who use their skills to help other photographers

People who provoke positive and empowering conversation with their craft/art/work


I am hoping that women, non-binary, gender fluid, female-identifying and intersex feel that this here is a place to feel welcome and accepted. You may be an early career photographer, or retired or work part-time around family, but every story when added to a collective is important.

Why do this?

It is important to recognise your achievements, no matter what stage of your career. It is important that brand ambassadors are more diverse. It is important to honour women. It is important that there is a historical record of women’s achievements.  It is important that women honour other women. It is important that leadership comes from diverse and varied backgrounds!

Tell your story! Add someone else’s CV who you think is truly amazing, inspiring and doing great stuff!

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