Addiction is a curse {Canberra Documentary photographer}

I have known Dave for 20 years. His recent accelerated descent into heavy and chronic alcoholism over the last 4 years was catapulted by ill health and heartbreak. He has always had an addictive personality and from what I can imagine there was much heavier drugs involved in his earlier years. These days its alcohol, spirit in particular, and dope. He is younger than me and a lovely man. Cheeky, very funny, quick-witted, always a twinkle in his eye, big heart and loves dogs, especially Jeremy, my dog.

He has tried but cannot seemingly stop, which is sad, because I fear the inevitable will be not a good outcome. I am there for whenever he needs me and he is happy for me to photograph him. I pop over to his flat and have a chat with him and usually take my camera. I usually have a cup of tea and a biscuit. These images are all out of order but give you a sense of the character that is my mate, Dave.

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