A Stitch in Time {Canberra female Artist}

In today’s world we are constantly bombarded by ‘noise’, notifications, loudness, constant whirr of technology and humanity.

These images form part of a new project on the power of timelessness and meditation and repetition. I recently started cross-stitching and having NEVER been a crafty person I have been so surprised by the meditative feeling I get when stitching. No technology. No music. Just the repetitive nature and small sounds of stitching. It is like when you watch and listen to waves, the salt air, the breeze… therapeutic nature.

I have always loved Hiroshi Sugimoto’s Seascapes which are a comment on timelessness and repetition.

I wanted to use my camera’s multiple exposure functions and a muted colour palette to portray a meditative experience I get when doing cross-stitch. In the exhibition there will be some tiny images printed on fabric and stitched and some very large images that I hope will be fluid in nature by being printed on fabric…..

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