A Most Humbling Experience {Canberra Photographer}

I belong to Heartfelt an organisation that provides comfort in the form of portraiture to grieving families who have suffer stillbirth and terminally ill children.

I was asked to represent Heartfelt and attend the Rainbow Ball in Goulburn on Saturday and receive monies raised by these two lovely young women in the photograph below.HEARTFELT2

Marissa Toohey and Talisa have spent several months organising the Rainbow Ball which was at the Goulburn Workers Club on Saturday night. I was unsure what to expect but was overwhelmed when I got there.

The response these two young women when I asked why they wanted to do this was “just because” !

Both women’s lives have been touched by family/friends who have suffered a stillborn baby. This ball was in honour or Vea and Ava who were both photographed by Heartfelt when they were stillborn.

In fact, I was Vea’s photographer, so I was completely humbled to find out that in some small way my actions, and the actions of our 200+ members around Australia, as part of this wonderful organisation have inspired such an event.

Vea’s mum, Amanda (seen here below) brought me to tears with her pregnancy diary she had on display. Her words had a visceral reaction in me.

Marissa Toohey, myself, Amanda Butler
Marissa Toohey, myself, Amanda Butler


Thank-you Marissa and Talisa for the effort you have put into organising such a great event and for the several thousand dollars raised to be split between the Stillbirth Foundation and Heartfelt.


You can follow Heartfelt on twitter @heartfelt_gift and on Facebook https://www.facebook.com/Heartfelt.Australia

Kindest thanks!!

Hilary xoxo


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