A family grows…. {Canberra wedding and family photographer}

I love to photograph families growing. It is important record for our families’ histories.

I cannot believe it was 2005 when I photographed Megan and Rob’s wedding. I was looking for a blog post or Facebook post from their wedding, but alas it was before social media and before I had started blogging!!!!

So, luckily I have found an old studio copy of their wedding album….Hilary Wardhaugh

I remember the day, as it was a bit rainy but with any rainy wedding you just go with it and umbrellas make great props too…Hilary Wardhaugh wedding album

I can’t believe how much our lives, technology, the internet and social media has changed in such a short time. I’m not sure all this social media is such a good thingIt does achieve great things but it is such a time waster too.

Anyway, enough philosophising!!

Now Megan and Rob have a gorgeous little boy and what a real little sweetie he is….

When we did the first session for this package, he did struggle to stay awake as seen by this Big YAWN!

But now he such a gorgeous boy and I am so very happy for M and R!

See you soon!

Hilary WardhaughHilary Wardhaugh Hilary Wardhaugh Hilary Wardhaugh

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