A Country Wedding {Canberra Wedding Photographer}

Over the next few weeks and possibly months I will be blogging lots of work I have done and didnt get any air time, due to the inadequacy of my last website…

I shot this wedding for my lovely friend Tanya from Tanya Friend Photography in March…. I travelled to Leeton NSW to photograph this really sweet and fun wedding… We capture many of the wedding photography in an orange orchard…I love travelling into the country and I loved Leeton. I hadn’t known this but Walter Burly Griffin who designed Canberra actually designed Leeton AND Griffith!

There were some lovely art-deco buildings and the weather was perfect!

The most amazing thing about this wedding was that the bride made her bridesmaids broaches, her reception details and the wedding cake in the morning of the wedding!!! Seriously lovely details and the cake was amazing, too!

I love shooting weddings for my colleagues to help them out!

leeton wedding photography006

leeton wedding photography007

leeton wedding photography008

leeton wedding photography009

leeton wedding photography010

leeton wedding photography011

leeton wedding photography012

leeton wedding photography013

leeton wedding photography014

leeton wedding photography015

leeton wedding photography016

leeton wedding photography017

leeton wedding photography018

leeton wedding photography019

leeton wedding photography020

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