Recently I attended the MomentoPro Photobook Reviews in Melbourne. I am working on a phonebook called #WelcomeNotWelcome.

The title #WelcomeNotWelcome comes from a popular hashtag #SorryNotSorry which is often used on social media. It is a contradictory and ironic phrase and normally used in humorous situations.

After moving to Queanbeyan I was always attracted to a beautiful mural on the side of the local swimming pool. It pictures a group of culturally diverse people along with doves of peace. It has a great sentiment, sadly it is behind a 2m locked fence and there are rubbish bins and waste strewn around it.. I feel it makes a statement about how western society treat diversity. From this I have observed many structures and places that can also be interpreted in the same way… It is a sad reflection of our world with evergrowing  discord, exclusivity and protectionism becoming rife…. #WelcomeNotWelcome hopes to subtlety address this contradictory and ironic nature of the world at this time in history.

This is a work in progress and one image is NSFW