Welcome not Welcome

#welcomenotwelcome an exhibition by Hilary Wardhaugh

Opens Photoaccess 26th July 6pm. All welcome


The title #welcomenotwelcome is derived from a popular Social media hashtag #SorryNotSorry a phrase used in irony.
This work addresses ironies and contradictions in contemporary life when considering issues like privacy and yet having an incessant desire and compulsion to promote and share every detail of our lives online.

Many Governments across the world are leaning to the right to the benefit of the few; they talk of fear, protectionism and fake news. Mainstream media bias is obvious but only to those who do not agree. We have become reactive and socially isolated. We build walls and hide from real life on our phones, promoting virtual second life.

There has been a rise in Online activism which sometimes can benefit us in real life. We often feel helpless.

Often however the rise of social media encourages a culture of uniformity and superficiality whilst ironically demanding inclusion and diversity.

Ultimately these platforms are designed and driven within the Neo-liberal context of wealth concentration into the hands of a few.

So this collection of Images of everyday urban spaces illustrate these contradictions, seemingly surreptitiously….. walls, closed windows, fences…. Spaces designed not to see; Spaces finished with, thriving with neglect, all whilst we ignore what is going on around us, eyes cast downwards silently shrieking injustices via our fingertips.

However, hope is not lost! I still feel that with each image there is a little hope or at least a subversive irony…: A hole in the fence here or a expletive there!