SALT of the Earth! {Canberra Event Photographer}

In 1999 I launched a calendar. In the calendar were 12 portraits of Tradeswomen in the Canberra Region. Almost 20 years later I was contacted by one of the women, Camille Agerbeek who had been involved with that calendar to see if I still had a copy of it! I did and I still had Most of the images on black and white medium format negatives.

In 2016 Fi Shewring had the very first SALT Conference in Wollongong and I was privileged to be the commissioned photographer. I often feel that sometime photography could  be a trade, but thats another discussion for another day!

Every now an again I have had experiences as a female photographer where I have encountered sexism. Once instance was when photographing headshots for a large multi-national corporation and on that day I had a male assistant. Many of the staff I was photographing assumed he was the photographer and I was his assistant. I was horrified! However, that is absolve;cutely nothing to what these women at this conference deal with on a daily basis!! They were so inspiring and it was a privilege to be the photographer for the inaugural event.


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